Building a Planet...

The journey started around 91' In a little retail store called Paintball Planet in Manchester England with little more than 3 staff and limited stock but with a great deal of passion to get ballers the newest and best paintball equipment available.

We quickly built a name for quality and reliability

The inception of the Eblade around 2002 (an electronic upgrade for the autococker) saw the birth of a new era for Paintball Planet due to its un-stoppable presence we quickly built a name for quality and reliability a value that we cherish today above all else.

Eclipse Blade Autococker 2 E-Cocker

Then came our first electronic paintball marker, the Eclipse Ego.

The Dawn Of A New Era

We are now creating quality, reliable, equipment, accessories and industry leading electronic paintball markers such as the Ego, Geo, Etek, SL, and equipment that all carry one name Planet Eclipse. We pride ourselves on our un-paralleled customer service and technical support and today more than ever the mission and the passion is the same. With offices in the UK and the US and tech staff from all over the world we are now responsible for some of the finest award winning, kick ass paintball products to hit the paintball field, whatever your arena!

Thank you to our loyal customers for their continued support over the years.

If you're new to paintball why not try us out? No BS just advice from experience.