Troubleshooting Mechanical Paintball Markers

A cheatsheet of common issues and fixes for your Eclipse Mechanical Paintball Marker. For a more complete list of troubleshooting information consult your Markers User Manual.

Symptom Possible Cause Solution
The Marker leaks from the Three-way. The gasket between the three-way body and gun body, o-ring on air transfer pipe or the gasket under the three-way plate are damaged or dirty. Ensure the gasket is seated correctly. Replace the gaskets if damaged. Check condition of the air transfer pipe o-ring.
Three-way is over-pressurised. Check the output pressure of the inline regulator and adjust accordingly. Clean and inspect the inline regulator assembly paying particular attention to the piston tip and regulator seal. Replace damaged components as necessary.
Damaged or incorrect seals on the three-way Spool. Replace and/or lubricate three-way Spool seals
The Marker does not fire. The air system is not fully engaged. Screw in the air system until it fully engages.
The three-way is damaged. Replace the three-way.
The Marker leaks down the Barrel. Dirty or damaged Can o-rings Clean and lubricate or replace the o-rings on the front of the Can.
Dirty or damaged o-rings on the Spool. Clean and lubricate or replace o-rings on the main Spool.
Dirty or damaged Bolt o-rings. Clean and lubricate or replace o-rings on the back of the Bolt.
Dirty or damaged rear Bolt Guide o-ring. Clean and lubricate or replace o-rings on the Bolt Guide.
The Marker is breaking paintballs in the Barrel or Breech. The ball detents are damaged or missing. Replace the ball detents.
The force setting of the Loader is too high. Reduce the loader force feed setting.
The paint is poor quality. Try a higher grade of paint.
The velocity is set too high. Check and adjust the velocity of your marker.
Low constant velocity. The inline regulator output pressure set too low. Increase the output pressure of the inline regulator.
High velocity first shot. The inline regulator pressure is creeping. Strip and clean the inline regulator replacing the regulator seal inside the regulator adjuster assembly.
Velocity drop-off during rapid fire. Air system regulator does not have high enough flow. Try another air system.
Dirty/partially blocked inline regulator. Strip, clean, lubricate and rebuild the inline regulator.
Two or more balls are being fed into the breech. Worn, damaged or missing ball detents. Change the rubber ball detent.
The feed force too high from loader. Adjust loader settings/use lower force loader.
Marker is inconsistent. The inline regulator is dirty. Strip and clean inline regulator, replace regulator seal.
Poor quality paintballs. Use better quality paintballs.
Poor paintball size to barrel bore match. Use a closer paintball to barrel bore size.
Inconsistent air supply from air system. Service the air system.
Marker is inefficient. Poor paintball size to barrel bore match. Use a closer paintball to barrel bore size.