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Eclipse CS1 Atlantic 2

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Eclipse CS1 Atlantic 2

The CS1 signals the dawn of a new era for the Eclipse Geo line. Not just a facelift of a previous generation but a complete rework of the platform. Every facet scrutinized. Every aspect deliberated. From the ergonomics to the electronics, reliability to maintenance, and performance to aesthetics, the engineers at Planet Eclipse have left no stone unturned in that elusive quest for perfection.


  • SL5 inline regulator in grip frame
  • Quick-disconnect electrical body to frame interface
  • Pocketed and captured air transfer seals
  • Interchangeable tigger profiles
  • 120psi operating pressure
  • Slimline POPS bonnet
  • Ultra low power solenoid pilot valve
  • In-House manufactured user-serviceable ISCIS3 valve
  • Micro USB programming port
  • Eportal 3 compatible
  • 1-Piece Shaft5 barrel back
  • Shaft Pro barrel tip

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Quality & Craftsmanship

From initial concept, right through to rigorous build and performance testing, at Planet Eclipse we guarantee quality and craftsmanship. It's what makes us unique. Every product we make is engineered to the most exact specifications to offer outstanding performance. From playing gear to advanced paintball markers and everything in-between, paintball is our passion and it's our intimate knowledge of the sport that leads us to create some of the most advanced paintball markers on the market. Don't settle for less. Get more with Planet Eclipse.

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