Eclipse ETek5 68 Cal Kit

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This kit comprises everything you need to convert any standard Etek5 from 50Cal to 68Cal. It includes bolt, breech tube and adaptors, feedtube and 2-piece 68cal Shaft Barrel. It's a simple drop-in kit that will allow you to switch your Etek5 from shooting 50Cal paintballs to 68Cal paintballs and back again within a few minutes.


  • Quickly flip between 50Cal and 68Cal paintballs
  • Includes everything you need to make your Etek5 shoot 68Cal paintballs
  • 2-Piece 68Cal Shaft barrel
  • Feedneck
  • 68Cal bolt
  • x4 Detents


  • 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Delrin